Talk like a pirate day! Yarr!

19 September 2010
Today the 19th of september we all Celebrate Talk like a pirate day!

This day everyone who enjoys celebrating this day talks like a
pirate! Its hard for me to do so, none the less :) Its nice to celebrate all that is piratey!
So get out your caps hats and Eye patches. Today is the day to plunder scavage and
gather your foul mouthed wenches to be plundering around the seven seas!
Act like a pirate for a wholesome day! I used this day to see what pirate stuff is going on right now.

The 5 aaaaa"s of Pirateday

Guybrush Threep wood - Monkey island 3

In this spirit I shall buy the new pirate game of Monkey island! :).
Drink scotch ! and be plundering every bar ye find!
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