The days keep ticking by..

23 May 2010
As long as I know that I have a goal to live for I keep on ticking my days.
Soon there will be no goal but personal satisfaction out of work?
Shall I find my satisfaction in life , and find a way I want to live?

I dont know for now and frankly I just want a target to achieve.
To gain some knowledge , money , maybe some power that would be nice too!
Who can live without power, maybe not the sort of power to rule over the world allthough it would be nice.
But the sort of power of self control, where you are in control of your live and not some company or college.

We all have to find out twist in life, to have a personal satisfaction.
Meaning that when you look upon yourself and say: "This is me." That when you do, you can feel proud of yourself.
Lets make a update of my life cause its hard to keep track these days without losing my mind.

School update

Lets begin on wednesday, I have flanked out of my College cause I missed a lesson the school is very hard on the missing lessons part.
and partially it aint my fault because of my personal problems.
So I phoned as quickly as I could to get some work to get myself busy.
The bright side though I finally got my Propedeuse! which is like a ensurance to keep doing my education.

Searching for Work

I dont like the idea of doing nothing at all. I just don't.
So I set myself a new goal. Goal: If I get a job I would get driving lessons.
Not long after I made the calls I received a phone call! "Do you want to work in a plant-breeder?"
I didnt know but I just said yes, cause I need every job I can get.
I know what kind of work that was, Just grabbing plants and make bouquette's of it.
I was kindly asked to send a resumee. Cause they like to have a little bit of information about yourself.
Luckily I got another job offer cause the idea of going to a breeder (kweker) it just didnt seem right to me.
Hot working in a sauna.. This job offer said to work on Thursday! Yeah, just a day notice to get the idea sinking in.
I"m working now at Technocoat in Westerbroek. And what is my job? Moving aliminium plates. Well it aint the worse kind of job but it pays. :)
Therefore more the people that work there are very kind to me. Something I didnt had at other companys. Just a friendly work environment. So thats something im very happy about.

Happy insights

So Im calculating how many work days I need to ensure my financial succes of getting a drivers license. It takes about 28 work days.
I dont know how long I will be working but as long as I dont get crazy! I just feel allot better knowing im doing something again.. Sometimes at my school filling out reports doessnt seem like a serious thing.


Well to make a short story some what longer. I found a new choir, yeah I started singing again but, I havent met the choir yet.
I thought it would be nice to have some more stability again in my life by making some decissions of doing the things I used to do.
Beause You cant say I was the most outgoing person for a while! Well I changed that a little bit and now every time orso Im back at concerts =).
Also, Kasper another friend of mine whom I just met yesterday said they needed new members at their choir so why not lets give it a shot! thats how I met the choir.

Sunday BBQ! Day

YAY MEAT MEAT MEAT :D Sausages and Beef.. maybe some pork too!
Hamburgers on a stick. Sate...Yumm. I like the sound of that! :) Who wouldnt!
It's a beautifull day and it looks promising! :) ok this might be one of the longest blogs I have written.
But well life is life and life is just what you make of it! Or want to make of it!

PS. still getting my underlaying problems sorted out :) who knows when it will be gone!
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