How to stay focused effectively

23 March 2016

These are the tips from the video:
- What don't I understand?
- prepare your problem into its source of elements.

- Learn facts quickly with : "Spaced repetition"
- study something, if you know the fact, you don't see it for a while.
SRS (do study for you). ? <--- does this works for mandarin?

- Method of Loci. (lowkey)

- memorization technique, remember spatial information.
sets of group, compared in rooms of houses.
difficult to use.

- Akrasia (plato) a lack of command over oneself.
- 1. commitment device.
beeminder (app to use for yourself). how does this work?
2. Short term reward, for yourself so you can
- Pomadora technique.
- Work only on one task. (25 min)
Improv: Beeminder app, beeminder blog for productivity techniques.
Take: 15 min break.
Experiment with intervals.
Piece of paper: note the distractions, in your pomadora sessions.

- Focused and defused thinking.
- he is using defused thinking.
- Doessn't let the other part of your brain thinking.
- Tie it to other nodes of thinking.
- focused is for former and same kind of things.

- Gauge your speed of your classes.
- Steps to mitigate your problem (read through the chapter before).
- Ask for help (around ) in class.

- Start your problem set alone.
- pinpoint gaps of your understanding.
- recognize the confusion better.

- Waking up early.
- buffer (social media scheduler.
- Jog in the morning (seems like a good idea) does dian wants too as well :)?

New app for RPG scheduler, todolist thing.

I have to make this in my own ideas and followup:

- Goal for today explore ReactJS.
- see how to make a webpage in ReactJS (working on it)
- see how to implement ReactJS with a CRUD application.

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