Day 11 begin of the Tour. 2015/08/01

5 August 2015
In the morning the family Jing Dian woke up around 6 am.
Way too early! We have grabbed the airplane from shenyang bei to pudon airport which is located in shanghai.
It was a decent flight with a little bit of turbulence. We had to get a connecting flight to Kunming. This one took us 6 hours.I never waited 6 hours in a airplane before, it felt like waiting until you can actually depart and be on your way.
We wanted actually to visit shanghai in the 6 hours we got but it would take us 2 hours to get to the city center by Metro.the waiting was very exhausted, we had a bowl of noodle at the only chinese Food shopping street in the airport.In China im the foreigner 'laowei' I didnt like the dish of Dian, its always like this. I pick really nice dishes and Dian picks the meh almost good dishes but she likes them better as I do? Not sure though.
After walking around in the airport, we waited at the gate 302 with Dians parents. It was really crowded at the airport, allot of people waiting for departure at a single gate in Pudon.I didnt expect it to be that busy. Dians dad had to send the battery at the security check back to his house by mail as it had no proof of being safe.
The flight to Kunming took around 3 hours, due to a delay of cleaning the plane , it had allot more turbulence, because it was a smaller plane. More as I would expected.
I felt a few times as if one engine had turned off. But this might be imagined by the fear of the shaking plane. I am not afraid of flying , but I just don't like turbulence.
I'm always happy when the plane has landed and nothing bad has happaned on this flight. After the landing we where send to the hotel by a small minivan which drove around 110km/hour.This was one of the weirdest ways of travelling , Minivan soothing through all the traffic on bad roads. Allot of honking and signalling with the lights happened.
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