Alan Wake

22 April 2011
One of the best video games I have been playing lately,
just started today and it intrigues me how much details have been embedded.
Allot of music and embedded television shows in the video-game makes it a great shooter.
I have been searching through my games to a similar game
and Alan Wake reminds me allot of the story telling done by Max payne combined with the Atmosphere.
Which I felt when I first played Dungeon keeper 1 (Music and sounds)
It wouldn"t suprise me if some of the developers in Dungeon keeper build this game.
Overall a great game to play, only downside is the bad plot. But still, that doesn't keep me from playing this game to the end.
A great horror third action shooting game.

IGN review of Alan wake

Favorite song , used in the end of chapter 2

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Mood: Spooked but awesomeified :)
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