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22 May 2012
One of a song I found while I was working on my pc, its really just a simple song but it caught my attention in a whimp.

Hans Zimmer - Liberty

One of my new inspirational pieces to play on the piano , its really fast and really fun to play but if you don"t pay attention to it you will lose the detail. Which is like painting, if you don"t pay enough time in the painting it will look rough and unfinished which happens with the most artist I see. Talent enough but they don"t specialize in a certain way. As my father used to say; its all in the finishing touches, same goes for music!

All of Me - Jon Schmidt

ah well normally i am far against all the internationalizing of talents but this just so awesome to watch a normal looking boy just comes up and play the stars from the universe on the piano which though reminds me of the counting crows which i am a huge fan of. He ain"t the only one I have spotted, see the video"s and judge for yourself.

Eli Mattson

Paul Potts - figera
Sometimes songs are being remade or again being played in a weird unnatural way but this song just feels better as the original one.

Beethoven"s 5 Secrets - One Republic (Cello/Orchestral Cover) ThePianoGuys

Marina - adele cover "someone like you"

Zelda Medley- Lindsey Stirling

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