Hello Darkness, my old friend

24 May 2011
As I have been talking to the darkness surrounding the black old market outside.
I tend to walk around and see all the goods being sold by the market crowd. Everyone is speaking around me but, nobody is really listening to what they"re saying. Cause they simply don"t care anymore.The only thing the people care these days are for themselves.

If I were a salesmen,
people would hear my voice but tend to not listen anymore.
As If my words are the words of a deaf one.
talking, as the sound of silence.
Floating across the market like a tune to deaf man's ears.

If I were a lover,
I would walk and walk and try to let her know,
but the only thing I said.. was "Go..."
because I simply didn't care anymore. But I only meant to say: "Do you need help today?"
I spoke the wrong words to the wrong person once more.

but in these times..
it wouldn't matter anymore cause the words were as I spoke to a rock once more.
For I am just a person trying to make my living ,thus I meet my friend Darkness once more.

I fall in a shallow sleep..
no cares..
no boundaries..
no creeps...
No worries..
no problems..
no sorrows...

Until my stupidity is healed once more.

Author: Cable
Poem based on the song and the word Darkness
Categorie: Gedichten
Mood: Reflective
Listening to: Simon and Garfunkel -- The Sound of Silence -- with Lyrics.