Music of the week =) 4th week nov.

24 November 2010
My last badge of songs I liked on November,
as my birthday is coming up and I really love these songs ,
it actually made a emotion loose from me.
which I as one of the most bitter persons,
well some may disagree some may agree about being bitter,
but it doesn"t really matter to me =).

Live your life to the fullest, and be happy with what you got.
Let the ale go down and drinking down we got!

Well im not going to have my birthday in November which all people like to think.
I enjoy the summers sometimes more and for that reason I will hold my birthday in the summer ^^.
At least the party will be :D! because of a weird dutch tradition called "sinterklaas".

Never Shout Never - Love Is Our Weapon

Never Shout Never - On the Brightside

Biography of Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never is a one-man band featuring Christofer Drew,
a Missouri native whose songs straddle the border between emo and acoustic singer/songwriter fare.
A product of the digital age, Drew originally built a fan base by posting his bright, soul-baring music to the Internet.
After averaging over 15,000 on-line plays a day, he made Never Shout Never legitimate in 2008 by releasing his first recording..

Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds

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