Uplink introversion

18 November 2010
I have been playing this game for the last few hours as it kept addicting me away with the easyness of the almost porn like soundtracks what
some referred as. It keeps you in a state of hypnotism while you try to do that final hack, and it keeps you on the edge as the timer for the hacking on the right below keeps ticking away!
Its exciting and sometimes I got asked is this real? Or are you playing a game? for some people it looks real but thats also because they use a real life world map and IP adresses which are
for the normal persons realistic. (higher as 255). For a game out of 2001 the most innovating idea I have seen yet. You can hack banks withdraw money , edit your own profile but once your
caught you have to start all over again.

General idea:

In the game, the player assumes the role of a hacker in the year 2010,
who begins work for the Uplink Corporation, which is a worldwide company providing work for hackers. The player amasses money, software,
Gateway hardware and skill in the course of performing jobs for various clients, and hacking servers of global corporations for profit.
The storyline of the game begins with the player receiving an e-mail from a deceased top ranking Uplink agent concerning the research done by the Andromeda Research Corporation,
related to the Andromeda organization which proclaims the destruction of the Internet. It is constructing a computer virus known as Revelation using artificial life research as a base in an attempt to destroy the world wide net.
One of the companies, Arunmor, attempts to cross their plans by developing Faith, a counter virus that can purge Revelation.
The player can choose between two companies or even ignore the plot in its entirety, concentrating on freelance hacking,
in which case the storyline plays out without the player"s participation.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uplink_%28video_game%29

Uplink - Deep in Her Eyes

To quote someone on youtube:"Everytime I listen to this song while hacking I dont get caught"

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